5 Top tips for a successful family lifestyle session by Perth lifestyle photographer, Sarah Ross

Lifestyle photography sessions are designed to depict a day in your life doing what you enjoy with the ones you love. Whether you’re going on an adventure or telling a story of a day at home, a photography session like this is sure to be full of emotion and fun. The greatest part about these sessions is that they are unique to you. The key to planning your session is to incorporate activities.

1. Be enthusiastic and prepare your kids.

I am a firm believer in being very upfront with children. The days leading up to the session, tell them that a friend is going to be taking your family photos. Show them a picture of me. Head to my contact page and show them a photo of me so I am not a strange face to them. 

Tell them that we are going to go to a really fun park or we're going to hang out at home and that we are going to play. Tell them that your friend will be asking them to stand and sit in a few different ways and encourage them upfront to interact with me; to show me their special toys or show me things they like to do.

2. Get the "most important" photos first

Kids are unpredictable and you just never know when they're going to decide that they've had enough. If you have specific combinations or scenes that you'd like to capture, be sure to make it known right up front.  

Although it can sometimes take a few minutes for everyone to ease into the flow of a photoshoot, I'd rather we tackle those "must haves" first, just in case. We can always come back to that scene again later on if we feel everyone is more at ease and still happily cooperative.

3. Play with your kids, engage with each other

If I had to give only one tip... it would be this one! Don’t be afraid to pick up your children and toss them in the air. Give your wife a sweet kiss on the check...dance even. Sing your babies a song and play little games. Have fun. Laugh. Giggle. Joke. Embrace. Kiss. Snuggle. Play. Know what makes your child giggle. Doing these things will allow the emotion to shine and elevate the true beauty of your family. 

4. Cheese is for crackers

Somewhat related to the previous point...leave the stiff Barbie smiles for Aunty Sheila at the next family get together. I deliver galleries with too many images to have everyone always looking at the camera with a cheesy grin. Don't be afraid to look away. Keep your eyes on the ones you love. Look at each of your children, look at your partner... look anywhere other than at me.  

I promise I will still get that traditional family portrait... but capturing emotion is my priority. And, although it would be pretty cool if I had some sort of emotion-provoking superpower, I don't... so we ain't gonna get that if your eyes are locked on me.

5. Remember what the goal is 

My job isn't to make you look perfect or to make your children behave perfectly and sit straight up on a stiff chair with a stiff smile. My job is to show you that your family is absolutely perfect just the way they are.

If the children aren't cooperating the way you would have liked, don't get stressed out about it. It'll show in your images. We can take a break, I can put my camera down for a little while, we can redirect and move on.  

I will capture the beautiful moments within your family, just as I do with all my clients.

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