Hey, this is Sarah... your lifestyle family photographer here in Perth, WA.

Want know what makes my world go round? My incredible husband and my two adorable, insatiable little boys, Blake and Liam. They're my everything and they're also my reason why.

Leaving behind a stressful corporate job to start a family and my own business was the best decision I ever made. I'm not saying I never question my decision. There are times when I'm sitting editing galleries, a child hanging off each leg asking for their 6th snack by midday, where I wonder what on earth I was thinking!

But then I deliver those galleries. I see my beaming clients; I see their walls adorned with the beautiful memories we've captured together and I'm reminded that I am in the right place and I'm doing exactly what I'm meant to be doing.

So from one parent surrounded by her own madness, to another... let's get together and capture yours because, lets face it... in a few years we'll look back at these moments with rose coloured glasses and be so glad we did!


"Having Sarah come to the house and take pictures of us in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere made all the difference. Our pictures are keepsakes that we will treasure forever"

—Angela B